Quick Credit Get Instantly Online First Without Interest

Now E-Money credit up to 425 eur for new customers is available free of interest and no commission. Repay your borrowed amount within 30 days.

You can get a loan during business hours, but you can apply for a loan at any time (including nights and holidays). The terms and conditions of the loan provide that the money can be obtained without any formalities (no documents or certificates are required). Before borrowing, consider your repayment options. Borrow responsibly.

Get Good Finance Quick Credit


Fill out an online loan application – a) click on the green menu, b) specify the amount of money you need and choose the due date, c) confirm your identity (transfer 0.01 eur to latkredit account), d) money will be credited to your account as soon as possible that the decision will be positive.

Who is Good Finance granted?

Basic requirements for applying for a loan:

  • age 20 – 70 years,
  • have their own bank account (money is transferred only to the client’s personal account),
  • has a cell phone and email.

Good Finance quick credit can be granted to all citizens and non-citizens of the Republic of Latvia who have an account with the bank, their own e-mail and mobile phone. The company has opened accounts with Citadele, Swedbank, Luminor (formerly DNB and Nordea) and the customers of these banks can receive money in their account within 15 minutes after approval of the application. Customers of other credit institutions have to bear in mind that it may take longer for money to reach their account.

In addition to the above requirements


The borrower must be between 20 and 70 years of age and have a regular income. Their volume can be checked by looking at the data in the SRS and SSIA databases. If in doubt, you may be asked to send a bank statement for the past 6 months to the company. In order to be sure of the customer’s integrity, Good Finance com verifies the data in the debtors’ black lists – credit history databases, which collect data on overdue loans and debt. People with a negative credit history have less chance of borrowing, but exceptions may be possible if past debts are settled.

For the first time, you can borrow from € 50 to € 300 for a few days up to 30 days. When paying money on time, new customers do not have to pay interest. Good Finance offers to receive up to 500 eur when taking the loan again. If you also want a second interest-free loan, check out the Quick Credit Offers on the first page of Credit. No bail, collateral, guarantor or job certificate is required to borrow. E-Money performs data validation in an online environment, making this process as fast as possible for all clients.

How to repay Good Finance Quick Credit properly?


Never postpone credit payments for the last minute. Despite the fact that Good Finance credit is available quickly, bank payments are not always as quick as you might want. If money arrives late, customers may be required to pay extra for non-performance. For this reason, we recommend that you transfer money no later than the previous business day.

You can refund money from your bank account by making a payment at a bank branch (you will be charged a commission) or through your Internet bank. 

Customers who have problems with their obligations have the option of extending the contract. This option is a paid service (7.5% of the outstanding debt per month) that allows you to avoid fines. The amount of the penalty shall be 0.39% of the principal amount of the loan for each day of delay (not exceeding 36% above the annual borrowing rate). To extend the credit, transfer the money to one of E-Money’s bank accounts as required. There are customers who make such payments on a regular basis, but note that the principal amount is not reduced in this way. To save money, it is worth trying and paying off your debt as quickly as possible.